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دانش امانت خدا روی زمين است ودانشمندان امانتداران اويند، هر کس دانش خود را به کار بندد حق امانت اورا اداکرده است. حضرت محمد (ص)

  • پذیرش دانشجو بدون آزمون در مقطع کاردانی و کارشناسی در ۲۸ رشته تحصیلی

  • برگزاری "پنجمین همایش ملی قیام تاریخی عاشورا از دیدگاه اهل سنت"...

  • *همایش منطقه ای چهل سال استقلال ومقاومت*

همایش های داخلی

The purpose of the present scientific meeting is to deliberate upon Sistan and Balochistan region mainly in terms of its language, education, literature and culture.  The purpose even extends to the classroom in our universities where education acquires an outstanding place in the curricula. It therefore also needs to be discussed in this workshop how we as teachers and lecturers should locate/relocate ourselves with respect to the educational, cultural and local texts such that the students are enabled to develop their efficiency in multiple ways  in contemporary times. Sistan and Balochistan, a region rich in ancient archaeological monuments, visual arts, fantastic folklore as well as fabulous oral poetry and prose, bears its own potentialities for development and growth and accordingly needs to be analyzed in specific ways. Hereby original papers are invited from research students, teachers, scholars and writers concerning the sub-themes of the meeting. The sub-themes are only suggestive, not restrictive.

A certificate will be given to all the valued participants and contributors. The abstracts of the papers will be published in the workshop proceedings, in a Book of Abstracts and as an electronic format on CD. However, since we are consulting for publishing papers in a volume (i.e. a book with ISBN number) as well, only the competitive and well researched papers will be recommended for the same.                                                                                                   

Instructions for Authors

Papers of approximately 2000 words, 14-point Times New Roman font and 1.5 space, should be sent to the Workshop Convener at email:sbs@mail.iausaravan.ac.ir before 28 Aban 1394 (19 November 2015). The submission of all papers must be in MS WORD and PDF format which have been combined together into a ZIP archive file.

The template provided below is in A4 format. All text paragraphs should be 1.5 spaced, with first line intended by 10 mm (0.4 inch) except the Abstract section. The style and position of headings and subheadings should adhere to the example provided in the template. Number all the pages at the bottom.

Please do not make any changes to the structure of the templates as this can lead to the workshop proceedings defaced. Authors are kindly requested to follow the instructions provided here. Please click here to download the file.

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Dr. Hossein Sheikhzadeh
Assistant Professor -
Faculty of Humanities-

Saravan Branch-

Islamic Azad University-

Sistan and Balochistan-

Email: sbs@mail.iausaravan.ac.ir

Visit the website at www.iausaravan.ac.ir



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